Scientists have made a shocking discovery: you mean your brain did not know

Ученые сделали шокирующее открытие: такого вы про свой мозг еще не знали

Brain surgery is one of the most complex operations, because during it the patient should stay conscious. It is necessary that the surgeon can ensure that you do not hurt any important part of the brain that is responsible for the ability to speak, for example.

At this critical time, the patient may feel panic, so the doctors are looking for new ways to soothe them during surgery. Recently, scientists made a discovery: that the patient ceased to feel the panic, you need to promote one of the parts of the brain that is responsible for laughter and euphoria.

An important discovery was made when doctors tried to diagnose epilepsy, one of the patients. She was connected to the brain special electrodes, through which scientists conducted research. It was found that during how they impacted areas of the brain, which stretch from the forehead to the cheeks, the patient started to smile and talked about how he felt calm.

After this discovery scientists decided to act on those parts of the brain during surgery, which was performed by this woman. Doctors it was important that she remained conscious and didn’t panic. After awakening from anesthesia, the patient panicked, so when doctors stimulated a part of the brain called the Cingulum, the woman immediately calmed down, cheered up and began telling funny stories about his family.

Ученые сделали шокирующее открытие: такого вы про свой мозг еще не знали

After that the doctors decided to apply a similar approach to two other patients. The effect was the same as in the previous patient, patients felt calm. The scientists also conducted tests in which it was found that the effects on this brain area does not harm the memory. However, it should be noted that patients sometimes had problems with pronunciation of words.

The researchers plan to conduct a number of tests in order to be able to recognize this technique safe. If the studies go well, it can be used during operations on the brain.

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