Scientists have named an effective remedy for heart attacks and strokes

The researchers conducted two studies, evidence of the benefits of certain medicines and food.

Ученые назвали эффективное средство от инфарктов и инсультов


Experts have called an effective remedy against heart attacks and strokes fish oil and its derivatives. This substance contains omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids that have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. In USA, the researchers conducted two studies. The first was attended by 8,000 people over 50 years old. In this experiment, the doctors have proven the effectiveness of products, based on fish oil. For the second experiment raised 26 thousand subjects and obtained similar results.

These studies proved the effectiveness of fish oil and its derivatives in the fight against heart attacks and strokes. Named diseases occur due to improper functioning of the heart. To get rid of these diseases can not only by medication and a healthy diet, but also through increased activity. Systematic exercise will make the heart stronger and healthier person, so you should not neglect going to the gym.

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