Scientists have named four reasons why men “dynamite” attractive women

If the current one – better to forget about this date.

Ученые назвали четыре причины, по которым мужчины «динамят» привлекательных женщин

As a rule, a man does not show interest in women by natural causes: either she is not his type, or his taste in women in principle. However, it happens that the representative of the stronger sex in the literal sense is “let the salivating” to beauty, but no action. Scientists have named four main reasons why men “dynamite” attractive women. And none of them girls will not like.

The first guy is lost at the sight of such beauty. He raises her on a pedestal and sighs at night, instead of having to present loads of chocolates and go to the movies on the best places to kiss. In reality, these boys are rare – it’s more soap Opera – but in life this also happens.

The second man simply “calf”. He was not accustomed to take the initiative, and, most likely, in his family the role of a commander performed by the mother. If such a man yet the lady liked, she would have forever to come to terms with the fact that the stronger sex from now on would be her. And simply put, a locomotive with a weak-willed and Moody trailer.

Third – coveted boyfriend is afraid of commitment or not ready for it at all. He probably cherishes the dream house and the white picket fence with a bunch of kids, but in the long term. Well, the biological clock is ticking boys not as fast as the beautiful ladies.

Fourth – the gentleman wants to belittle the lady. He deliberately ignores her to nervous. The Board this “down-grader” you need to drive on all four sides. In the end, what it takes for arrogance, it may be a sense of dignity.

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