Scientists have named the cause of the hallucinations the people in a state of clinical death

According to statistics, 30% of patients, came up close to the border of life and death, you see a bright light and experiencing sensations similar to those that occur while taking the drug.

Ученые назвали причину галлюцинаций у людей в состоянии клинической смерти


Scientists have named the cause of hallucinations in people in a state of clinical death a disorder in the brain, thus cells mental body begins to destroy. Emerging from this strange phenomenon often say they see the tunnel, the light and mystical elements. Such feelings can occur after a severe emotional upheaval, physical or psychological pain, heart attacks, fainting due to lower blood pressure. In a state of clinical death, people feel detached from my own body. Sensations depend on the age and religion. Indians often see the “king of the dead”, Americans – Jesus Christ, the children of school teachers and friends.

Neuroscientist Oraf Blank separates the two types of clinical death: the first is associated with the left hemisphere of the brain. In this type patients have the feeling of flying. The second is associated with the right hemisphere of the brain: people hear the music and voices, communicate with the spirits. Scientists have long debated about the causes of the hallucinations of the citizens in this state. They say if this experience signifies the separation of the soul from the body.

Science popularizer Carl Sagan wrote that during clinical death there are memories of birth. Some researchers have attributed the hallucinations from the lack of oxygen in the mental body. Now most scholars are inclined to believe that the strange sensations appear due to the death of the brain. At the moment, a definite answer to this question is no.