Scientists have named the TOP 5 fruits that are the enemies of a slim figure

Scientists from the US have told, what fruits should be avoided, to have a beautiful body without a gram of excess weight.

Ученые назвали ТОП-5 фруктов, которые являются врагами стройной фигуры

American nutritionists say that not all fresh fruits can be consumed for people with excess weight, as well as those who want to keep slim figure. Experts called the TOP 5 fruits that are the enemies of a slim figure. First, it is a high-calorie avocado is a source of fat. Second, the grapes, which contains a lot of sugar, which is contraindicated on a strict diet for weight loss. Thirdly, it is necessary to limit consumption of high-calorie dried fruits.

It is also worth to to eat bananas, which have a large number of natural sugar. And the last fruit that harms the shape, this mango, this also should be reduced as quickly as possible to lose weight.

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