Scientists have questioned the free will of humanity: the brain your own boss

Ученые поставили под сомнение свободу воли человечества: мозг сам себе хозяин

Researchers from Australia (University of New South Wales) reported sensational details – the human brain makes the choice before the person himself realizes it. This Roger Koenig-Robert (Roger Koenig-Robert) and Joel Pearson (Joel Pearson) writes in an article published in the journal Scientific Reports. Reports Hvilya.

So typical patterns of activity of neuronal networks in the brain allowed the researchers to show that the choice between the two alternatives makes our brain long before we ourselves consciously decide.

Ученые поставили под сомнение свободу воли человечества: мозг сам себе хозяин

It is known that in the experiment involved 14 healthy volunteers. Specialists placed participants in an MRI scanner. They were shown two pictures with patterns, one with red horizontal lines, the other with green vertical.

After the cards went out, and volunteers were given up to 20 seconds to mentally select one of them, prosignal this button is pressed, after which they were asked, as accurately as possible to render the selected image.

Researchers were not interested in the resulting images. Experts, registering slight changes in blood flow, monitor the activity of the neurons during the process of adoption activity.

In several parts of the brain were seen patterns of activity corresponding to a particular choice. Moreover, in these networks, the authors were able to predict a person’s choice in advance, even before he realizes that undecided. In the most dramatic case, the neuroscientists managed in this way to predict the decision for as much as 11 seconds.

However, this is not the first work that proves that our brain takes decisions before we are aware of this. But, it should be noted that before the authors were not able to achieve such impressive figures. In the experiments of 2008 “prediction” was able to make a maximum of four seconds to realize, but in 2011 — for 10 seconds.

We will remind, us neuroscientists have trained a neural network to restore images of faces in human memory. Decipher them using magnetic resonance imaging.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” neuroscientist Bijan of Sharapov made a sensational for the average person a statement, debunked the popular myth about the brain. It turned out that in humans the nerve cells recover.

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