Scientists have shown that endurance training is better than the power

The researchers found evidence that endurance exercise such as running, swimming, cross country skiing and Cycling improving your fitness more than strength training with heavy loads.

Ученые доказали, что тренировки на выносливость лучше силовых

DNA is divided into chromosomes in all cells of the body. At the end of each chromosome is a repetitive DNA sequence called a telomere that covers the chromosome and protects the ends from degradation. As soon as a person gets older, telomeres shorten. When the telomeres are no longer able to protect chromosomal DNA, the cell dies.

The process of shortening of telomeres is regulated by several proteins. Among them – the enzyme telomerase, which is able to counteract the process of shortening and can even add length to the telomeres. Researchers at the University in Germany has involved 266 young, healthy but previously inactive volunteers. Within six months the subjects were subjected to various loads.

The researchers analyzed the length of telomeres and telomerase activity in white blood cells in the blood taken from the volunteers at baseline and two days after the end of the study.

Scientists have concluded that in comparison with the beginning of the study, the group of volunteers who have undergone endurance, telomerase activity and telomere length, increased. And groups involved in power loads, such changes were not observed.