Scientists have shown the danger of strong affection: stops the heart

Ученые доказали опасность сильной привязанности: останавливает сердце

Amerikanski scientists from rice University found that excessive feelings of love and attachment to another person can be harmful for your own life. With the loss of a loved object increases the risk of death from heart problems.

A group of researchers under the direction of Chris Fagundes found that after the loss of a loved one, the risk of death from cardiac arrest is significantly increased. Especially during the first three months after retiring from life.

Ученые доказали опасность сильной привязанности: останавливает сердце

Scientific project was attended by about 70 people at the age from 51 to 80 years. The experts divided the volunteers into two groups. The first was the widowed wife, and the second was the control. In the end, scientists concluded that in the group of widowed people have much higher risk of threat to their lives of heart disorders.

Scientific experts stated that the risk of death for a surviving spouse, increased by about 41 percent. The major factor was cardiovascular disease.

According to the researchers, taking into account gender, age, weight and state of health of the people, widowers have a grave marker of inflammation in the body. In their blood there is a very high level of specific compounds. This TNF-alpha and IL-6 that promote inflammation. According to scientists, the cytokines is a protein compound, generated in immune cells and are responsible for activation or suppression of inflammation in the body.

The researchers calculated that those who lose a loved one, almost 50% reduced variability of heart rhythm. Such a strong and sharp decline contributes to the development of life-threatening heart failure.

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