Scientists have uncovered five secrets of attraction

Beautiful and desirable may seem like everything, if they meet these criteria.

Ученые раскрыли пять секретов привлекательности

Scientists have uncovered five secrets of attraction. In fact, the secret only one – charisma. But it can be achieved by observing five basic requirements.

The first is to develop positive and negative empathy. People will love someone who genuinely empathizes with them. Positive empathy is called ability to be happy for others. For example, someone went on vacation at the expense of the company, and his colleagues sincerely happy for him. So they empathize the positive. Negative empathy is the ability to comfort in distress, to sympathize.

The second is to try to be modest. And not falsely modest, but to restrain his own ego. Features a normal modest self-esteem, but arrogance is different, insecure people trying to prove his coolness.

The third is to overcome the fear of vulnerability. Vulnerable people, open to the world, attract others. The guy who isn’t afraid to invite your favorite girl for a Cup of coffee will invariably command respect and sympathy, even if this girl initially had not noticed him. And all because he showed his vulnerability, put yourself in the situation of uncertainty.

Fourth – try to listen and be present. Charismatic people are distinguished by the ability to hear and to listen to the interlocutor, at the same time demonstrating a sincere interest in his problems and joys.

Fifth – do not be afraid to take the blame and share success. Attractive people will never forget about those who helped them achieve their goals. And if failed not to put the blame on comrade.

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