Scientists have unraveled the mystery of dark matter

Dr. Ferns of Oxford University said that in the past, astrophysicists made a mistake in the equation, they forgot to put the missing minus sign and therefore came to wrong conclusions.

Ученые разгадали тайну темной материи

Dark energy is considered to be one of the greatest mysteries in modern science. The modern model involves the presence of an invisible energy from which 95% of the universe. Current technology does not allow mankind to determine its origin. Dr. Farns believes he has unraveled the mystery of dark matter. According to him, it is a fluid with negative mass. Thanks to the new theory, scientists think that dark energy and matter are combined into one type, repulsive surroundings.

New guess involves the continuous creation of this substance. Thanks to its build-up of fluid will not be diluted even with the expansion of the universe. This guess astronomers are going to check on the giant space objects by observing them through a powerful telescope. This model changes the existing picture of the world. Perhaps the most important task of astrophysics are solved and the universe is composed of dark matter.