Scientists have unraveled the secret of the unusual “emerald” icebergs

Ученые разгадали тайну необычных "изумрудных" айсбергов

Geophysics at the University of Washington explained to mankind the mysterious green icebergs that sometimes occur Antarctica.

In the new study, which was published recently in the journal Geophysical Research the researchers claim that the reason for the existence of such an unusual color of icebergs in Antarctica is not carbon, as one of the versions, followed for many years

About it reports the edition Earther.

Ученые разгадали тайну необычных "изумрудных" айсбергов

A group of geophysicists and Glazounov, olgulara this unusual phenomenon led by Professor from the University of Washington Steve Warren came to the conclusion that glaciers emerald green at the South pole received its unusual coloration through saltatzen minerals, which probably originate from sea ice.

Ученые разгадали тайну необычных "изумрудных" айсбергов

Experts have stopped while on this option. It is noted that the ice from these glaciers is opaque and is formed on the surface of the Earth, resulting from the compaction of snow and sea ice freeze in deep water and they are usually transparent.

But since sea ice must have a dark blue color, scientists had a few years to find out, the substance forms a distinctive dark green tint. Warren and his team suggest that this substance is the minerals of iron oxide, which were formed due to the destruction of bedrock.

The representative of the Institute of Oceanography Helen Amanda Frer says that the new work on the emerald icebergs suggested “a possible mechanism of their color”.

Ученые разгадали тайну необычных "изумрудных" айсбергов

However, these scientific conclusions require more factual information. The researchers intend to return to the ice shelf in East Antarctica and to find new glaciers unusual color.

We will remind, at the South pole that’s vaccarese glacier size, as two new York.

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