Scientists invented the microscope to measure muscle weakness

Biotechnology from FAU has developed a system for the accurate measurement of muscular weakness, caused by structural changes in muscle tissue.

Ученые изобрели микроскоп для измерения мышечной слабости

The new method allows to evaluate the function of muscles with the help of visualization, without the need for complex biomechanical recordings and in the future may even make sample tissues for diagnosis of excess myo.

Muscle is an ordered and hierarchically structured body. This is reflected not only on the parallel linking of muscle fibers, but also in the structure of individual cells. Inflammatory or degenerative diseases, or cancer can lead to chronic restructuring of the architecture, causing scarring, or increased branching of the muscle fibers. This leads to a sharp reduction in muscle function.

Researchers at the Department of medical biotechnology has developed a system that allows you to measure muscle weakness, caused by structural changes. Scientists have developed a miniature system of biomechatronics and integrated it into a multiphoton microscope, enabling direct measurement of the strength and elasticity of muscle fibers simultaneously with the recording of structural abnormalities.