Scientists: Lichen solve the problem of space travel

Lichens are associations of fungi and tiny algae. These organisms produce hydrogen, and interesting to science.

Ученые: Лишайник решит проблему космических путешествий


This gas is a key ingredient in various types of rocket fuel. Scientists say that the longevity of the lichen makes it ideal for the refueling of spacecraft. Engineers are confident that this body will solve the problem of travel to other planets. The key to long-term development projects of objects in the Solar system is in one of the most primitive forms of life on Earth. Lichens secrete hydrogen capable fuel tanks for intergalactic flights. This organism is very hardy and scientists plan to plant it on Mars.

The researchers simulated conditions of existence on the red planet and introduced to the environment of the lichen. A symbiosis of algae and fungi survived at a temperature of minus 196 degrees Celsius, with a low oxygen content. Thanks to its high adaptability, lichens might exist on Mars. On the red planet with the help of this body will be to fill the tanks of rockets and make space travel even further. Information about the new research appeared in the scientific journal Astrobiology.

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