Scientists: Not all Europeans would have said about rape

According to a new survey, only half of Europeans would report the rape.

Ученые: Не все европейцы заявили бы об изнасиловании

However, the same survey shows that eight out of ten people would report the rape committed against them.

In the survey of scientists was attended by over 1000 people from different countries. In the experiment made by scientists, it was found that women are less likely to report cases of rape, unlike men, because they are afraid that they will laugh at me.

Also in the course of the experiment, participants were asked to tell us about groping or touching without their consent, indecent exposure and sexual harassment in the workplace. The survey showed that only 300 people will report inappropriate behavior or sexual harassment in the workplace, and 600 people will be silent, due to the fact that fear of ridicule them.