Scientists: Pacific ocean stopped global warming

Abnormal fluctuations of temperature in the East Pacific Equatorial region affects weather around the world, say climatologists.

Ученые: Тихий океан приостановил глобальное потепление


At the beginning of the XXI century global warming has significantly decreased, despite growing up the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Scientists have found that the reduction temperature was influenced by internal climatic factors, as well as external processes. However, according to experts, the main reason for the cooling is the Pacific, which has suspended climatic changes related to warming. The decrease in temperature in one part of the Equatorial Pacific, according to scientists, changed the climate on Earth.

Scientists say that global warming has lasted over a hundred years – the first signs of temperature increase recorded in the 1870’s, during the development of the industry, and the peak warming occurred in the postwar years. The researchers say that the climate of the next 100 years will depend on the “confrontation” of global warming by cooling the planet, which may happen in the coming decades.

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