Scientists say the causes of hair loss: be careful

Ученые назвали причины выпадения волос: будьте осторожны

Scientists have made a startling discovery: stress affects human health so that the hair starts to fall.

Numerous studies trichologists have shown that elevated levels of stress leads to hair loss. They also add that only stress will be overcome, and factors are eliminated, hair will cease to fall.

Also the specialists as one of the main causes of hair loss love to heat styling and frequent hair coloring. The hair follicles are destroyed by high temperatures, and chemicals for hair styling or hair colors.

Scientists say that hair loss can be caused by fast food. Foods that are low in nutrients, affects the hair. Lack of normal sleep can also be a cause of hair loss.

In order to make your hair healthy, you need to sleep at least 7 hours a day, so it was time to recover and keep the hormonal balance, you also need to eat healthy food, avoid stress and to minimize the use of chemical hair products.

Recall, the top hairstyles that are perfect to wear under a hat: don’t are anchored and not giruti. Most beauties refuse hats in the winter because wgauth that beautiful styling and the cap – are incompatible. However, in extreme cold you can not joke with health, and to wear a hat need. And to look perfect, you should choose the right hairstyle.

As reported previously Know.ia experts: how often can I wash my hair. Scientists from Columbia University were told how many times a week you need to wash your hair.

According to a new study, regular hair washing leading to contamination of the head. Ideal — one-two times a week.

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