Scientists: Smoking mothers more often give birth to children with strabismus

The research of Chinese doctors have shown that Smoking increases the development of abnormalities in half.

Учёные: Курящие матери чаще рожают детей с косоглазием

Experts from science and technology University located in the city of Wuhan, found that tobacco products contribute to the development of another disease. Often Smoking is associated with impaired brain function, and many other congenital illnesses, which were added to strabismus.

The research of Chinese ophthalmologists shows that the deviation occurs on 46% more, if during pregnancy the expectant mother smoked. The risk of having a child with strabismus increased by 79% if the mother smoked more than 10 cigarettes a day. Deviation can cause serious vision problems in the future.

Doctors often warn that mothers who smoke about the dangers of habits not only for their health but also the fetus. Earlier, Japanese scientists have conducted studies showing that women who smoke often give birth to children with impaired hearing.

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