Scientists spoke of genetic protection from cancer

The human body is able to protect itself from various diseases, even from cancer.

Ученые рассказали о генетическом способе защиты от рака

In some cases, natural mechanisms of living cells is not enough, but there are examples of cure dangerous diseases in the most advanced stages. Sometimes the body itself cope with the disease, although modern therapies have not had a positive impact. Why is this happening, tried to figure out by scientists from northwestern University, Chicago. During the research they found “a code of killing cancer.” Experts from the USA told about the genetic protection from cancer.

Information about this job distributes publications EurekAlert. According to American experts, the genetic code is RNA people. Malignant tumors are able to develop resistance to radiation or chemical therapy, but can not cope with the genetic method of protection. It lies in the fact that the cell independently “understands” what is happening mutation activates the mechanism for destroying cancer.