Scientists: the Baboons successfully transplanted the hearts of the pigs

Organ transplants have reached a new level.

Ученые: Павианам успешно пересадили сердца свиней

For a long time scientists study organ donation. Then came a time when scientists have confirmed the progress. In the experiment, which was conducted by scientists from the US, the baboons were transplanted the heart of a pig. Pigs are currently the main “farms” for the cultivation close to human bodies.

For many experiments, the scientists managed to transplant a pig’s heart baboons, but they lived only about a week. In this experiment, the baboons, who transplanted the heart of a pig, lived for more than six months. This outcome is advanced transplantation to a new level.

The scientists intend to continue these experiments, which in the future can save many lives of people. According to scientists, in the next three years they will be able to transplant the heart of a grown pig to man, and if all goes well, then the problem of donor organs will be removed forever.