Scientists: the Sun will cover the Land with nanodiamonds before his disappearance

According to scientists, after the death of the Sun, the Earth and other planets are covered with heaps of sand, nano-diamonds and the corundums.

Ученые: Солнце засыплет Землю наноалмазами перед своим исчезновением

All this will be played heavenly body in the last seconds of existence, said the astronomers.

Scientists developed the program, which became known sources of huge amounts of dust in space. These are supernova explosions, which formed dust and other solid matter. About 20 percent of the particles of the exploding celestial bodies stay intact and remain in space.

According to astronomers, the Sun will explode in about a 4.5 -5 billion years. The cause of the explosion is the absence of hydrogen, with the result that the Sun will start to absorb the helium. After this happens several powerful solar flares and it will turn into a dwarf white, after destroying mercury and Venus and turn the planet into a lifeless glowing ball.

After the explosion of the heavenly bodies, the Earth and other planets will be bombarded with the remnants of the Sun in the form of nanodiamonds, dust and corundum.