Scientists told how to defeat HIV: millions of Ukrainians got hope

Ученые рассказали, как победить ВИЧ: миллионы украинцев получили надежду


The doctors diagnosed the second case of curing the patient of the syndrome of acquired immunodeficiency.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

It is now known that the inhabitant of great Britain managed to recover from HIV, which he contracted 15 years ago. However, only in 2016, doctors were able to diagnose my husband Oncology.

Ученые рассказали, как победить ВИЧ: миллионы украинцев получили надежду

He experienced a transplant of stem cells from a donor with a congenital immunity to HIV. As a result, the patient developed resistance to the disease.

It should be noted that the first case of victory over cancer was also using stem cells.

In this case, despite two cases of treatment, doctors do not believe this method is appropriate since other similar transplant had failed. In addition, it is dangerous.

However, it should be noted that the acting Minister of health Suprun told the Ukrainians about the first symptoms of colorectal cancer. About when you need to urgently run to the doctor.

Colorectal cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer. In the world it is a leading cancer – 1800000 new cases and an estimated 860 000 deaths were recorded last year. In this figure each year is rapidly creeping up. According to the National Cancer Institute, each year in Ukraine reveal about 16 000 new cases of the disease.

One of the main risk factors of Contracting colorectal cancer is age. Most often, it’s found in people older than 50 years. Usually the disease develops very slowly, and in the early stages is almost imperceptible.

Ученые рассказали, как победить ВИЧ: миллионы украинцев получили надежду

Also, the risk of developing this type of cancer increases the presence of excess weight, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, Smoking and alcohol. Heredity is also a big risk factor.

Symptoms that should immediately seek medical attention:

  • pain in the abdomen;
  • the presence of blood when going to the toilet;
  • the changing nature of the chair;
  • violation of bowel function (constipation or diarrhea).

Recall that like a hole in the tooth can lead to a quick death.

As reported “Znayu” scientists have pointed the finger at the chief provocateur of cancer in men.

Also “Znayu” wrote that in the river has cured fourth stage cancer.

In the river a few dozen cancer patients participate in studies of new cancer treatment to patients

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