Scientists told the truth about the socks: no one will fall asleep

Ученые рассказали правду о носках: никто не уснет

Hardly anyone of you wondered why some people sleep in socks, and not others, however, scientists have found a scientific explanation and put everything on the shelves.

some people sleep in socks very uncomfortable. Some morning you have to look for a couple around the bed. All the rest just can’t imagine my sleep without socks. They believe that socks soft and warm.

Ученые рассказали правду о носках: никто не уснет

It has been proven by science that people who sleep in socks, fast asleep at night, sleep quality is much better than those who sleep without socks.

Neal Robinson – the expert from the dreams – explained that when feet are warm, our blood vessels dilate throughout the body. This causes a small reduction in temperature, which causes fatigue and the ability to prepare for bed.

However, scientists recommend to have a separate pair of socks specifically for sleeping, and don’t suggest to sleep in a pair in which you went the whole day. They claim that socks made of wool perfect, because they are the best isolation feet will be warm all night. Wool also has antibacterial properties.

In order to get the best result, better to wear socks for an hour before bedtime.

Ученые рассказали правду о носках: никто не уснет

If you are one of the categories of people who fall asleep without socks, you don’t need to change their habits.

The scientists also explained why some people don’t like to sleep in socks. According to them, this is due to good blood circulation, faster than others, metabolism or twsto skin.

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