Scientists “weighed” the milky way: 1.5 trillion solar masses Nibiru and as a gift

Ученые "взвесили" Млечный путь: 1,5 триллиона солнечных масс и Нибиру в подарок

The approximate mass of the milky Way, i.e. the Galaxy, where our beloved Earth, the Solar system and other stars were “weighed” the experts from the European space Agency (ESA).

Scientists said that the calculated weight is equal to 1.5 trillion solar masses. This became known thanks to the data released by the ESA in an official statement.

Ученые "взвесили" Млечный путь: 1,5 триллиона солнечных масс и Нибиру в подарок

The milky way

So, the calculations were carried out based on the combination of data obtained from the mission telescope ESA Gaia and observations conducted with the Hubble space telescope. Previous calculations carried out by astronomers of various countries, pointed to the mass of from 500 billion to 3 trillion solar masses.

Ученые "взвесили" Млечный путь: 1,5 триллиона солнечных масс и Нибиру в подарок

Orbital telescope Hubble

As noted in the statement of ESA, such a strong difference in the estimates “is mainly due to difference in the methods of calculating the distribution in the Galaxy dark matter, which accounts for her 90% of the masses.” As dark matter emits no electromagnetic radiation and does not interact directly with it, makes it difficult or even impossible its direct observation.

It will be recalled that the apparatus of InSight in four hours we drilled a hole of 50 cm in the Martian soil, after which the drill has encountered an obstacle – a large rock or some other dense rock. To this event the astronomers were not ready. However, there are only a few solutions to this problem.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that University of Pennsylvania plans to open the Pennsylvania center for search for extraterrestrial intelligence (PSETI). Was launched the fundraiser, which is planned to attract $ 110 million. The money will help create jobs for researchers and will help students to begin to learn.

Recall that astronomers have confirmed the existence of a new planet 3 times bigger than the Sun.

As reported Znayu astronomers announced the hunt for the mysterious Planet 9: find in 10 years.

Also Znayu wrote, the Earth will reach a huge asteroid: doomsday is closer than expected.

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