Scientists were able to glimpse into the afterlife: nothing to fear

Ученым удалось заглянуть в загробный мир: нечего бояться

The resonant opening, which people have been waiting for all my life, was made by scientists. Professor, University of North Carolina Robert Lantz said that after death, people fall into a parallel space and get a chance to rise, according to lisovasotnya.

However, the sphere of the afterlife and still remains quite mysterious and unexplored.

Ученым удалось заглянуть в загробный мир: нечего бояться

Scientists compared human life with a plant that fades to in the near future to flourish. His theory Lanz proved by using the theory of biocentrism.

Recently the staff of the University of California USA said that parallel worlds are guaranteed to exist. And they are quite tangent to the real world.

Ученым удалось заглянуть в загробный мир: нечего бояться

In some of them the Earth is inhabited by dinosaurs, and in some places England colonized America. It should be noted that these findings allowed the scientists to make the study of the micro-particles can exist in two States simultaneously, and hence to be in two places at the same time.

Ученым удалось заглянуть в загробный мир: нечего бояться

Earlier it was reported that British actor Shiv Grival, who had just finished preparing for the game in a production of “Much ADO about nothing” by Shakespeare, survived 7 minutes of the afterlife. 60-year-old actor it became bad during a trip to the restaurant. Doctors were able to revive Grivola, but, according to him, happened for the moment the experience changed his life.

“I knew that my brain was dying, and begged for help. But at the same time, I felt that consciousness was separated from my body. Like I was floating in eternity, but could still feel emotions”, — explained feelings of Grival.

Later he was taken to the hospital and put into an artificial coma for a month for surgery. Events could not affect the health of the actor: he appeared symptoms of epilepsy, speech defects, and small difficulties with mobility. Most likely, to a theatrical career, he will not return.

We will remind, in Egypt a group of archaeologists from the University of ain Shams managed to find in the suburbs of Cairo al — Mataria — ceremonial hall during the reign of the famous Pharaoh Ramses II.

As previously reported, “Know.ia”, researchers from the University of Texas along with the Center for the study of the first Americans near a Creek buttermilk Creek in Texas stumbled on the ancient tools.

Also “Know.ia” I wrote these once living buildings and the city turned into a dismal place, from which the blood run cold.

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