Scientists were able to obtain offspring from two males

Ученые смогли получить потомство от двух самцов

Chinese biologists for the first time were able to bring genetically modified mice from same-sex parents — a pair of females and pair males.

The results of their experiment, the scientists published in the journal Cell Stem Cell, reports the KNIFE.

First, biologists have identified haploid (“single”) gene in two females, and then with the help of GM technology CRISPR point “included” the development of stem cells. The modified DNA molecule is transplanted into a donor egg, and the female mice, which acted as surrogate mothers. 14% of 210 prepared embryos normally formed, and the babies were born healthy and are able to reproduce.

Ученые смогли получить потомство от двух самцов

Offspring from two males appeared to get harder. Scientists have also edited the genomes of mice, but of 1023 modified embryos to birth lasted only 1.2 %. Emerging from “two fathers” the cubs were twice the size of normal, but was killed almost immediately after birth. Even increasing the number of edited genomes to change the situation failed.

However, the experiment biologists believe successful. They intend to continue research to better understand the regulation of embryonic development. In the future such studies will help same-sex couples to have children of your own, and save many species from extinction.

Recall that scientists first managed to create an artificial life form.

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