Scientists: Women worldwide are less likely to give birth because of education

A striking example of this is China, where the number of occurrence of children has declined significantly in recent years.

Ученые: Женщины во всем мире стали реже рожать из-за образованности


Scientists say that women worldwide are less likely to give birth as became more educated and began to understand the responsibility for the upbringing of the heirs. For this reason, growth of China’s population has slowed, but the world is still the number of people increases every year. According to the researchers, many families began to realize that the child requires nursing care, the parents should give him a decent education, so are more serious about the birth of the baby. Correctly determining the financial ability of the spouse are often reluctant to have a second heir. This leads to a slowing of population growth on our planet.

In Africa the demographic situation in recent years has leveled off. In the countries on this continent, every woman has seven children. Despite the change in situation, the problem of overpopulation on Earth has not disappeared and is still relevant now.

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