Sea dweller shook scientists “temporary” anus

Морской обитатель потряс ученых "временным" анусом

American scientists have discovered a new sea creature, which “creates” his anus every time he needs to defecate.

As stated by researchers, primitive species called Mnemiopsis leidyi has no permanent openings for removal of treated waste, writes Daily Mail.

It should be noted that in this structure of the body is not unusual. In the world there are species that use the same opening as mouth and anus, and some are found even on a few holes.

Морской обитатель потряс ученых "временным" анусом

Mnemiopsis leidyi

Mnemiopsis leidyi is a species of ctenophores that live in warm seas. The animal resembles a jellyfish, although moved by the rowing plates located on the sides.

Expert Sidney TEMM of the marine biological laboratory in Woods published the results of research in the field biology of these invertebrates.

Scientists suspected early, mnemiopsis, have a digestive system that consists of separate mouth and anus. However, the search ended in nothing.

“This is a really impressive discovery. I have never heard from such a structure of the body,” says Dr. TEMM.

Analysis of the animals revealed a tiny hole that opens when the bowel movement and almost instantly closes again. Notice it is possible in one case — during defecation of the animal. Even a microscope can not see a hint of the presence of holes for removing waste.

Морской обитатель потряс ученых "временным" анусом

Mnemiopsis leidyi

Observations showed that the intestines of the animal has no permanent anus. When the body mnemiopsis leidyi accumulate waste products, the intestine smoothly attached to the epidermis and creates the semblance of a hole.

Once the waste is removed, the physiology changes, and the anus disappears.

Perhaps this feature was widespread in the past, but now mnemiopsis leidyi may be the only animal on earth with a “temporary” anus.

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