Season 2 of Titans has found its Superboy

La saison 2 de Titans a trouvé son Superboy

The young actor Joshua Orpin has been cast.

Completely unknown to the battalion, the young australian actor, Joshua Orpin, aged 25, has been cast to play Conner Kent, aka Superboyin season 2 of Titans. In the comics, this clone of Superman was created from the DNA of the Man of steel, mixed with human DNA (by the Project Cadmus)…

The version Titans of Superboy is described as a teen angst in search of purpose and truth about his past. While searching for answers, he becomes involved in the world of the Titans and finds a home unlikely and a substitute family, as well as revelations that will cause more complications than ever.

Season 2 of Titans is expected in the DC Universe and Netflix at the end of the year.

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