Season 3 of American Gods already ordered

La saison 3 d'American Gods déjà commandée

And the series will (still) change of showrunner.

A few days after the launch of a season 2 that has put so much time to manufacture, the american channel Starz anticipates and resolves to renew now American Gods. The war between the old and the new Gods will be a season 3.

But change behind the scenes, because the showrunner will change again. This is Charles “Chic” Eglee (The Shield, Dexter) that retrieves a position crumbly, occupied before him by Bryan Fuller, Michael Green and, most recently, Jesse Alexander.

Season 2 of American Gods annoys wickedly the US press (critical)

“I’m delighted with it. American Gods has been renewed for a season 3 and I am happier still to be able to work on it with Chic Eglee”, responded the producer is Neil Gaiman, who wrote the book on which is based the series. “Chic is a contributor ideal. We have been working for weeks on the form of season 3, and I’m delighted that he’s back in the torch ofAmerican Gods.”

On the side of Starz, it is explained that “the public continues to worship American Gods on the altar of the series and we are delighted to announce to all the true believers that there are still more chapters, fantastic to come.”

In France, American Gods is to be seen on Amazon Prime Video.

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