Secret husband of Lyubov Polishchuk said the reason for the departure from the actress

Reporters managed to talk with the artist Vladimir Klimashenko, who for nine years had an affair with the star of the television.

Тайный муж Любови Полищук назвал причину ухода от актрисы

Secret husband of Lyubov Polishchuk said the cause of the departure from the actress, her permanent employment. Because of the work she paid little attention to their own children. Klimashenko wanted, so that they have Polishchuk was born heir, but the actress refused, citing lack of time. Such a position in life was the true reason for leaving a secret lover of a celebrity. Polishchuk was very popular. When she took the first steps on the career ladder Directors called her face “non-Soviet” and overly sensitive.

Lyubov Polishchuk was compared with the Italian actress Sophia Loren. American actor Robert De Niro called her beauty Queen. During professional activities Polishchuk were not only successes but also failures. On the set of the movie “12 chairs”, the actress received serious injury.

Polishchuk twice officially married. From his first wife, Valeria Makarova, she gave birth to son Alexei. After the divorce, Polishchuk linked the life with the artist Sergei Tsigalem, who gave birth to a daughter Mary. The pair was married for over 20 years. Then the actress got in touch with Klimashenko.

Polishchuk completed a life journey in 2006 from sarcoma of the spine at the age of 57 years. The audience remembered the star of the television in many roles. The last film in participation Polishchuk was the adventure Comedy “Spanish trip stepanich,” where she played Lucy.

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