Security guard snapped up at Walmart: victim dragged for several meters

The security guard at the Walmart at Galeries Quatre-Saisons, who was caught by a frustrated customer in a car on Saturday, was dragged for several meters, according to the Sherbrooke Police Service. “The driver carried out a maneuver to drop the man who suffered very serious head injuries,” said the organization.
The 25-year-old motorist was arrested and questioned by the SPS. “He would face charges of armed assault with a vehicle, aggravated assault and a hit and run. He may possibly appear today, “said the police in a press release, noting that the 35-year-old victim is still fighting for his life. The security guard is said to be the father of five children, according to what La Tribune learned.

“A customer accompanied by his spouse wanted to enter Walmart, but by not respecting the rules of trade of a customer at the same time by vehicle, underlines the SPS. A security guard had to intervene and the two people left the business. The altercation continued in the parking lot. At a certain point, the frustrated customer drove directly with his vehicle to the employee, even dragging him over the hood for several meters. The suspects fled, but the investigation made it possible in the evening to find them in a home in Sherbrooke. ”

According to a source familiar with the incident, the driver would have hit the steering wheel several times to knock down the security guard. He is said to have suffered serious head injuries. A pool of blood was still visible in the parking lot of the business on Sunday morning.

SPS director Danny McConnell calls for calm. “I insist on the fact that the population must respect agents and employees of businesses who only apply the social distancing measures imposed by the government of Quebec to reduce the risks of contagion in public places and protect health and the security of the people of Sherbrooke. Failure to comply with the rules put in place by merchants justifies employees to deny offending citizens access to commerce. Refusing to comply may constitute a municipal offense for which the police will be justified in intervening in support of traders, “he said.

The agents of the Sûreté du Québec collaborate in the SPS investigation. Specialists visited the site. “All the hypotheses on the circumstances surrounding the accident are still being studied. ”

In an email exchange, Steeve Azoulay, senior director, public affairs at Walmart said that “the safety of our associates, contractors and customers is a top priority at Walmart. We were very saddened to learn of this incident. ”

“We are deeply saddened by this unprovoked aggression in times of national crisis when we all try to enforce the urgent regulations implemented by our government,” said TITAN Security, the security firm where the victim worked. We wish our agent a full recovery and we will support him and his family in these difficult times. ”

A crowdfunding campaign has also been launched to help the family of the victim. By noon on Sunday, just over $ 1,000 had been raised. With Simon Roberge

Legault reacts

The incident was echoed during the daily press briefing by Prime Minister François Legault.

“Unfortunately there are crazy people in our society,” said the Prime Minister following a question in English. But I did not hear that it happened a lot in Quebec. What happened in Sherbrooke is unacceptable. They already had a guard and the guard was hit, what can we do about it? “

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