Sedokova terrified overweight: wings, buns, dumplings – wrap everything

Седокова ужаснула лишним весом: крылышки, булочки, пельмешки - заверните все

The famous Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova, who now lives and works in Russia, can not live a day without new pictures in Instagram. A celebrity recently boasted a brand new selfie in a red tracksuit. So, the artist lifted his jacket and lit a steel press, and spoke about sport and nutrition.

“Put pictures in the stories, but my girlfriend insist on the ribbon 😂🤗 Well, OK Then, let’s talk about sports and food, once a day like today. I’ll give a hint. After my butt has called not elastic, I was upset, offended and started to plow, because it’s silly to blame the reflection in the mirror! But the main problems I always had with food. I eat a lot. That’s straight much. The abbreviation PP for me for a long time didn’t mean anything. Wings , buns , dumplings – wrap everything. Then I stepped on the scale and OPA 68 . The growth of my 172. I always took myself so there are bodypositive my everything. But after the third bebika how it all went wrong. Immediately grew fat legs. Top and you realize that the shorts had forgotten. I looked with envy at the girls in the mini and thought – well, how can they do that? Mini of my wardrobe disappeared , appeared seamless panties 😂 Diet is generally not my thing. I have no idea when tomorrow will arise , maybe at 4 in the morning flight or a 2 nights concert. For two days in the clinic eat the proper food. Discovered bread without flour, so I village 😂Buckwheat is tight , but nothing Flaxseed. Eat fish , which the spirit can not stand , only in sushi 🍣 And discovered a very cool thing as #interbalnearia
So. 16 hours is not. The break between eating. Then 4 hours you can eat ( according to others 8). First, I heard from @domokhozi is in the air, and now and then. Actually, not very intimidating. So you have a late lunch and a late Breakfast. Recommend starting with twice a week, but I have a feeling I’ll be hooked. Woke up this morning much happier. The sense of freedom )) And so great hunger in the tummy. Then sports. It most certainly is. Well, different new devices and procedures”,- shared information Sedokova.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Anna Sedokova posted a very racy series of photos with a young son Hector, who was biting her ass.

Also celebrity had a rest in Turkey, and admitted that then will be free only in November. The artist is a lot of plans: and give concerts, and children in the school to take.

And Sedokova decided that your selfies will be small, so sexually rubbed against the wall, removing it on video.

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