Seize the opportunity to change our outlook on life

In this period, rightly qualified as surreal, most of us have time to go about somewhat different activities. I use some of this time to read more.
I just finished a book and read an article from the New Yorker on resilience. In the latter, there is much discussion of the concept of perception. Thus, research tends to show that individuals who perceive trials as opportunities are those who generally fare better in the face of traumatic episodes.

In the very last pages of the book devoted to the insolent Pierre Foglia Foglia, there is mention of a completely delicious sentence taken from a chronicle of 1990 “if everyone woke up in the morning thinking of his death. Just two seconds. Time to tell yourself what the fuck? Imagine if everyone was seized at the same time of the urgency of living. Imagine the fiesta. Imagine rock’n roll. ” At the half-time of my life, I had for ten years some reminders which put the priorities in perspective and which join the words of Foglia.

In the current period there is the opportunity to no longer take life, health, our families, our friends and those who are dear to us for granted.

Let us make sure to put human relationships where they should have always been, at the heart of our lives. The rest is incidental. If it is said that he who does not know history is condemned to relive it, let us make sure that he is acquitted of doing so.

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