Serenades for seniors

What could be better than a little music to break the monotony of confinement?
T he Gatinoise Sylvie Foster found an original way to soften the daily life of her 86-year-old music-loving stepmother. Since the start of the pandemic, Gisèle Sauvant has been confined to her accommodation at the Résidences de La Gappe. Mrs. Foster therefore undertook to go regularly to her mother-in-law’s balcony, with members of her family, to perform period songs for her.

Everything is done at a good distance, of course, in order to respect social isolation. A good part of the repertoire of yesteryear goes there every time, from À la claire fontaine to La vie en rose via Sur le pont d’Avignon. From the top of her balcony, Ms. Sauvant joyfully sings the songs with her visitors.

“It is for us a way of breaking the monotony of his existence and making him forget everything for a few moments. She tells us how much it reminds her of good memories, ”says Foster.

The improvised show does not fail to attract the attention of other residents. “Some people send their hand to us from their window or go out to their balcony to sing with us,” she continues.

Mrs. Foster considers Mrs. Sauvant as her second mother. Even though the confinement rules have made visits more complicated than ever, we must not neglect our elders, insists Mrs. Foster.

“They feel more alone and isolated than ever. I challenge everyone to go and see them from outside the residences. Whether to sing or move them while dancing or doing exercises. They need to feel that we are with them and that we do not forget them. ”

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