Sergey Lazarev spree in the company of married women, and it’s not lorac

Сергей Лазарев загулял в компании замужней женщины, и это не Лорак

Sergey Lazarev

The famous Russian singer Sergey Lazarev, who is credited with long ago romance with a scandalous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, often pleases fans with new photo in his Instagram. So, this time the artist has published on his page a nice photo in the company of other famous women.

The photo that appeared in the account of Sergey Lazarev, he appeared on a review of public in the company of Vera Brezhneva – wife of the famous Russian producer Konstantin Meladze. Your post Lazarev congratulated Brezhnev happy birthday, which she celebrated on 3 February. The photograph of the artist posing in a black t-shirt, and Faith in a strange beige dress. He smiles at the camera, and she and her pathos on her face in her looks.

In the caption, Sergey Lazarev wrote: “happy Birthday, Faith! @ververa! Be happy.” The followers did not leave without attention such an unusual photo and began to discuss it. A after the actor began to congratulate Vera Brezhneva with her holiday, others just write compliments to the artists.

“Happy Birthday!”, “Happy birthday Faith”, “you should Stay from this Faith away,” “Homewrecker!”, “Faith, happy birthday. More sun and warmth! Serge as always the best”, “Join greeting”, “Chic”, “look Good”, “happy birthday, Faith. I wish you happiness, love and dreams”, “Modesty has never prevented a woman”, “Most beautiful singer” pop “Very cute”, “Well, you give, Serge, Vera Brezhneva posed” That “a Lazarev a habit to gambatesa with aging virgins?” – write in the comments to the photo.

We will remind, Sergey Lazarev told the story of his life in one clip.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the son of Lazarus was cracking up at the birthday Pugacheva, the father was not alone.

Also, the portal “Znayu” I wrote, how has the insanely popular once and Topalov Lazarev.

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