Sergey Shnurov in verse replied to the ban on the entry of men into the territory of Ukraine

The musician is confident that this attitude will not affect the relationship between people.

Сергей Шнуров в стихах ответил на запрет о въезде мужчин на территорию Украины

On the territory of Ukraine under martial law, which resulted in the adoption of new laws and prohibitions. According to the latest decisions of the authorities, entry into the country for Russian men aged from 16 to 60 years old. Such actions of the authorities explained that they want to prevent the formation of military units.

The decision of the Ukrainian politicians responded immediately Sergey Shnurov, who is used to answer many of the events in verse form. On his page in Instagram he published verse in which he said that to enter the territory of Ukraine more difficult than on the sacred mountain Parnassus.

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My dear people of Kiev, For you to get hard as on Parnassus, But our mutual influence, is not going to disappear from us. The attraction of peoples elastically, And in two thousand one hundredth year, we Will listen first to each other, Vera Brezhneva and quinoa. It will not be in this, not a Wednesday, On the border of the clasps hanging. I told you I’m sure will come When I will be over sixty.

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However, he noted that even with the borders on lock people will continue to interact, and creativity in General does not know borders. According to Sergei Shnurov, international relations will not affect the concerts of stars, which are used both in Ukraine and in Russia. The musician wrote that he plans to visit a neighboring state, but not in the coming years.