Series Mania 2019 : what to remember from Tuesday 26 march

Séries Mania 2019 : ce qu'il faut retenir du mardi 26 mars

Uma Thurman ignites the festival, Irene Jacob speaks to us of his dancing abortive of The OA and The Grand Bazaar puts in a thousand.

Fourth very busy day for Series Mania. A number of meetings and projections important have marked the Tuesday, march 26. Recap live festival Hauts-de-France.

The masterclass of Uma Thurman
Packed room at New Century for the actress Uma Thurman, who came to give a masterclass in which she came back on his rich career. In the evening, she presented the first two episodes of the tantalizing series of Chambers, which will be aired on Netflix in April of next year.

Chambers reveals its mysteries
The series of Leah Rachel is intriguing but it will have to wait the entire season to really make an opinion.

Irène Jacob confides on The OA season 2
The actress explains to us that Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij had promised that she would be entitled to a new dance in season 2 of The OA. Damage.

Netflix announces new productions French
The giant of the streaming has benefited from Series Mania to unveil its new projects on the French territory, including the season 2 of Plan Heart and docus on Master Gims and Nicolas Anelka.

Osmosis is a disappointment
The French series of anticipation, Netflix has not kept its promises.

Yves Renier tells us how TF1 was censored Commissaire Moulin
He spoke to us without speaking of bois d’Illegitimate Defense, the episode censored in the series Commissaire Moulin.

The Grand Bazaar in the thousand
The new series of M6 with Gregory Montel and Nailia Harzoune is a nice comedy.

The season 8 Gear should be the last
Bruno Debrandt reveals to us that the series of Canal+ should soon be complete.

The teen series at the heart of the debate
Series Mania returned yesterday on the birth of the teen series and their importance in pop culture.

Dialog cross between Eric Rochant and Hugo Blick
The creators of the Desktop captions, and The Honourable Woman have exchanged in front of the audience of the festival.

Séries Mania 2019 : ce qu'il faut retenir du mardi 26 mars

Meeting with Michael Connelly
The famous author was at the Postal Sorting to meet his fans.


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