Shameless Kim Kardashian made a mess in the store, where to watch husband

Бесстыжая Ким Кардашьян устроила беспорядок в магазине, куда смотрит муж

Kim Kardashian

World-famous socialite and model Kim Kardashian, who became famous curvaceous and filming a reality show, we often share with fans the news of his life. So, this time the diva delighted fans with a new picture on his page in Instagram. The social network buxom model posted a photo where posing in a bright manner.

So, the photo that appeared in the account model, she appeared on the overview of the audience in an original manner and location. Kim Kardashian captured, seemingly, in a clothing store during the fitting Frank Golden outfit. Diva is among the storefronts with clothes, footwear and bags, and the floor was littered with the scattered belongings. But this mess, as you can see, a bit not mind the model, she is trying beautiful pose, looking at herself in the mirror.

In the caption, Kim Kardashian announced that this picture was taken in Miami with her husband Kanye West. “Looking through some old good photos, I found this Golden picture that Kanye did for me during my trip to Miami last summer (instead, I went with neon vibrations) PS fast fashion brands, could you wait until I wear it in real life before you shoot him?”, – posted by socialite.

Fans were not indifferent to the publication of the stars and began to discuss it. Many like the picture, and they fall asleep Kardashian compliments, but there are those who are not thrilled with these photos. Some also noted the mess that gave Kim Kardashian trying on outfits.

Recall that Kim Kardashian was back in Vogue red lipstick, and made it undressed.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Kim Kardashian has shown, as he prepares to release.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote Kim Kardashian in short dress and lay down in front of the photographer.

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