Shameless, season 10 : Fiona will she come back ?

Shameless, saison 10 : Fiona pourra-t-elle revenir ?

As expected, Emmy Rossum has left the series, yesterday evening, in the final season 9. For good ?

Emmy Rossum had announced his desire to leave the series there’s a moment already. We knew that Fiona was going to go at the end of the season 9 of Shameless. It is now a done thing since yesterday evening and the final. Attention spoilers !

The young woman has decided to leave far away from his family, boarding a plane, to go start a new life elsewhere. This means that, technically, could still be back in season 10, and after :

“I wanted this to be true to who is Fiona and her importance within the family”, explains executive producer John Wells to TVLine. “We didn’t want to kill Fiona or anything, because we hope that Fiona comes back one day or the other, depending on the time that will last for the series. You might want Emmy to come back to do an episode here or there for us. Therefore, we do not want to close the door, but at the same time, I also wanted to stay true to the idea that, even if she was the older sister, she was the mother of his brothers and sisters for all these years. I wanted that moment where she realizes she has done a good job, they have grown up and no longer have as much need of it. She can now think of it, that she wants to be and what she wants to do.”

Fiona could thus return eventually, at one time or another. But in the meantime, it is party far. Where exactly ? “We’ll find out where she has gone”, promises Wells, which states : “This was not supposed to be a mystery. It’s just that it ends up like this, because the episode was too long, and we were obliged to cut a scene at the end…”

A return major for the season 10 of Shameless

Finally, the showrunner admits that the will of the departure ofEmmy Rossum has somewhat changed its plans : “Actually, this is not quite the end that we had in mind for Fiona. It has changed when we heard that [Emmy] was leaving. But at the same time, say that we are planning a lot would be inaccurate. We think (at the end), but not too much, because we know that change can happen and that it is necessary to be able to react.”

In France, Shameless is broadcast on Canal + Series.

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