Sharing at the time of COVID-19

The Saint-Roch self-service fridge still works despite the threat from COVID-19. “The fridge is always accessible and the goal is to keep it accessible, but with a concern to clean it as often as possible,” says Jean-René Boutin, project coordinator at l’Engrenage Saint-Roch.
“We really clean the interior, the handle, the fridge from top to bottom,” describes the coordinator who recognizes that the method may not be perfect.

He and his team weighed the pros and cons before deciding to keep the service in place. “The people who use it are regulars who frequent it often and there are many who depend on this fridge,” explains Jean-René Boutin. We said to ourselves that it was too essential a need to remove it like that. ”

This week, the temporary closure of some shops and restaurants helped to fill the self-service fridge that is accessible at all times on the forecourt of Saint-Roch church. “It was the positive in the negative, let’s say. But now that everything is closed for real, I don’t know how much it will be used, ”notes the coordinator.

“What we need right now is help,” says Jean-René Boutin, who had to ask a volunteer person to stop coming to clean the fridge since she was deemed to be at risk of contracting COVID. -19. “We started, via our Facebook page and our personal networks, to try to find people who would be willing to come and lend a hand to come and clean it a few times a day,” informs the coordinator.

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