Shark, witches, dogs and cannibals: Buzova told that keeps her awake at night

Olga complains that he sleeps only three hours a day, but even during this time time suffered a great deal of fear.

Акулы, ведьмы и собаки-каннибалы: Бузова рассказала, что не дает ей спать по ночам

Many stars of the Russian show-business complain about a busy schedule because of which they even are not able to sleep. Olga Buzova was no exception. And, judging by her extremely active creative work, she is not disingenuous to sleep, she really have very little. As told by the singer herself, she gives every hour and carefully planning your day. For example, an artist will never go to purchase fabric for your designer brand on Friday, otherwise you’ll end up in traffic for about four hours. Instead, Buzova up early in the morning on Sunday and within the hour to cope with things. The remaining time the performer typically devotes a gym, beautician or other amenities and utilities.

Sleep is actually the star player is only two or three hours, but during this time Olga has time to see a kaleidoscope of terrible dreams. “I once had a dream that I fell out teeth. And I called my mom, she’s a dentist. She tells me urgently to come to her Peter, and I say I can’t, I have a concert. And then suddenly understand – how am I going to sing? I will Lisp. These are the dreams I dream”. In addition, Olga to sleep at night not giving a shark. The animals in the dream somehow tends to bite the girl. In addition, in the dreams of most media girls Russia come laughing witches, dog-cannibals. Last eat not only their own kind, but cats. Friend explained Buzova that these dreams signify jealousy and anger towards her. “I’m not surprised. Envy I always had, but still Wake up in a cold sweat,” explained the artist.