“She’s ready for new role”: Kate Middleton will take away the crown from Elizabeth II

"Она готова к новой роли": Кейт Миддлтон отберет корону у Елизаветы II

It is no secret that sooner or later there will come a time when the British rise to the throne Prince William. And finally, not less important role will be given to the king’s wife, his second spouse the Duchess Kate Middleton.

In the Western media actively write about, Kate Middleton is already gearing up for his new role and began to take on more Royal duties. In particular, the Duchess began to give preference to designer brands.

"Она готова к новой роли": Кейт Миддлтон отберет корону у Елизаветы II

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizaveta

“The last few years Kate slowly takes on new responsibilities to prepare for the role of wife of the king, — said Royal expert Rebecca long.

William and Kate are very popular with the people of the UK; all very excited and looking forward to when they take the throne. According to the insider, Elizabeth II helps Kate prepare for the role of Queen.

“She took Kate under her wing, says the insider. — They talk for hours about the Royal life and the future of the monarchy. Elizabeth II believes that the young generation — the future of the Kingdom”.

“Kate took a long time to get where she is today — adds the insider. But she’s ready for new role”.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that a famous clairvoyant and tarragon Galina Janka stated that Prince William was really not faithful to his wife, Kate Middleton when she was pregnant with Prince Louis.

One of the American tabloids published the news in which it was reported that Prince William is secretly Dating her best friend Middleton, rose, Hanbury. According to the publication, Kate knew about the affair, but decided to remain silent for the sake of the family. Monarchs now want to sue the tabloid and of the authors for libel, and the lawyers of Prince William are already preparing a lawsuit. But Galina Janka is sure: you had an affair. But fleeting.

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