Shots on Pie XI

The Quebec police opened an investigation following at least one gunshot on a vehicle Sunday evening on Pie XI boulevard in Val-Bélair.
The 911 central received a call around 7:37 pm “mentioning that an individual allegedly fired a firearm and that he left the race in the parking lot located at 1177 boulevard. Pie XI ”, explains the Quebec police service. The address corresponds to the Canac company.

Once there, the police arrested three individuals near the vehicle, explains publicist Sandra Dion. “They mentioned that they did not hear any gunshots and they were not very cooperative when the officers asked questions,” she said.

A projectile impact was visible on one of the vehicle windows. Another impact was observed on trade. The police carried out a sweep in the area with the dog handler in an attempt to trace the individual responsible for the shot (s), without success.

One of the three arrested was arrested for simple possession of cannabis. She was released with a promise to appear. The investigation continues.

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