Show started to dance on the bones decl: it was not that night in the club

Шоу Малахова начало плясать на костях Децла: его не было в ту ночь в клубе

Recently came the show “live” on the Russian TV channel “Russia 1” dedicated to the death of 35-year-old rapper Kirill Tolmatsky (decl). To honor the musician in the Studio, the audience gathered by the experts, but in the Russian media, as always, has not done without scandals.

Thus, among the participants of the show were the “witness of death of the artist” — member of club Posh Michael perevoshchikov. The young man told how Cyril became ill, as the facility staff tried to resuscitate the actor and as an ambulance. However, real eyewitnesses of the incident told that the night Michael was at the club.

This was told in his video girls club – Anna.

“Michael, who is now on the program “live” was not that night in the club. At precisely the moment he left our institution. Everything he says on the program — not true, because he wasn’t and he doesn’t know!” — said the girl.

Шоу Малахова начало плясать на костях Децла: его не было в ту ночь в клубе


Russian journalists contacted the art Director club Lana Sienknecht, who told him that Michael really could not see the last minutes of the life of a musician. He left the club at 23:30 and Declo became ill about midnight. After the broadcast he was fired from work.

“Yes, I can confirm that this man was not. Moreover, in the morning, apparently having seen the news reports about the death of decl, he asked me in social networks, “What happened?”. When we asked him why he was going on the program, he said, “for the Sake of freedom of speech.” Strange man behavior, in short. But his dismissal is not connected with this, literally two days ago he was seriously rude to his leadership,” – said the art Director.

Шоу Малахова начало плясать на костях Децла: его не было в ту ночь в клубе

Michael continues to insist that the night was near Declan and assisted him.

“I saw how he went into the dressing room, and as the ambulance arrived, who pronounced him dead, and as our staff gave him first aid.”

Recall that the witness said about the last minutes of life decl.

Earlier Znayu reported, Decl left an orphan little boy.

Also Znayu wrote, death decl crippled Pugacheva.

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