Simple deceit: the Secret of the disappearing breast Buzova solved in the network

The singer enjoys the simple feminine wiles.

Простой обман: Секрет исчезающей груди Бузовой разгадали в сети

Since then, as Olga Buzova in addition to the work the presenter on the project “Dom-2” has started a solo career, her life began to draw the attention of millions of people. The social networking accounts Buzova updated daily its loyal followers who breathlessly await each new photo of the pop diva. In this regard, the singer became harder to hide various details of his life from the inquisitive eyes of fans. Olga herself is not shy to pose practically Nude, thereby greatly enhancing its popularity, however, looks Buzova have the taste to not all her admirers. Recently in social networks sparked the dispute concerning the secret of the disappearing breast Buzova, as in some pictures in her Instagram account her bust reaches a decent size, but on the other it is not there at all.

Простой обман: Секрет исчезающей груди Бузовой разгадали в сети

During the discussion, the less anxious the question some users suggested that before the photo shoot to look sexy, the singer puts something in your bra, thereby visually increasing the breast size. This theory found many supporters, and soon all the mystery has been solved thanks to the recent publication Buzova. Fresh video Olga adorned in a spacious new blouse with raskrasok Zebra, and a more detailed examination of apparel you may notice that under it there was no hint of the presence of Breasts, as the blouse hung almost evenly. When viewing other materials with the appearance of TV presenter fans learned that Buzova doing a simple cheating the audience eyes, as each of these photos, she hands clutching his chest, giving it a temporary volume.