Skoda has introduced the perfect car for cyclists

Skoda представила идеальный автомобиль для велосипедистов

Skoda Velo Karoq

Skoda company introduced the crossover Karoq Velo, designed by the British division of the Czech brand. In the process of creating concept experts conducted a study, interviewing around 1,500 cyclists. Looks like the bikes are slowly gaining its popularity, so automakers are beginning to adapt to this mode of transport.

Skoda представила идеальный автомобиль для велосипедистов

The survey showed that the perfect car for cyclists not enough cleaning unit for cleaning both the Bicycle and clothing of the rider. In addition, the crossover is equipped with special fasteners by which two devices can be transported on the roof and one in the trunk. Sounds really great, and it significantly simplifies the life of the cyclist during training or long distance travel.

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Skoda Velo Karoq got a wireless access point Wi-Fi, and a special drone, which allows you to remove journey from the air. The car was created for cyclists who can’t stay without a car or bike.

Skoda представила идеальный автомобиль для велосипедистов

About the prices while to speak early, but hundreds of thousands of cyclists have wanted for myself.

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Znayu wrote that Huawei will release a new OS for its smartphones, and under different names in different markets. According to rumors, the new OS will be presented at the end of the summer or in early autumn, but the smartphone will hit stores in early 2020.

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