Smart shoes Adapt Nike BB announced: features, price

Умная обувь Nike Adapt BB появилась на прилавках: характеристики, цена

Adapt BB

February 17, Nike officially released BB running shoes the Adapt. It is an experimental model: shoes self-lace, with this program you can change the fit, and inside they are crammed with electronics. However, if the system fails, lace up shoes will not work.

Умная обувь Nike Adapt BB появилась на прилавках: характеристики, цена

Sneakers are able to collect data on physical activity and synchronize them with the brand the Nike Training Club app. The company conceived the model as a basketball and developed it to alleviate the effects of physical activity in this sport. However, lovers of unusual shoes, this model also liked, so the company began to produce them in large numbers.

Under the insole in the sole of the Shoe sewn block with electronic devices: there is a three-axis gyroscope, a Bluetooth transmitter, a battery with a volume of 505 mAh with support for QI wireless charging, and a motor for zagorovka. The mechanism is completely protected from dust and moisture. By the way, they are managed using the application on the smartphone, or by using the buttons on the Shoe itself. However, the purchase needs to be charged every 20 days.

Умная обувь Nike Adapt BB появилась на прилавках: характеристики, цена

By the way, the sneakers will have to pay $ 300.

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