Snapchat will appear in “profiles of friendship” after the updates

Mobile application developers believe that the ability to view friends ‘ posts will attract new users.

В Snapchat появятся «профили дружбы» после обновления

Snapchat faced with the decline of activity a few months ago. Churn has forced application developers to implement new features, a list of which is constantly updated. Another novelty of Snapchat will become “profiles of friendship.” The feature will allow users to view history of communication with your friends. When you click on the profile of another account will be opened, which displays all the photos, links and other activity. This feature will be available for groups and to see the history of only its members. The ability to view will appear immediately after updating the app.

Also, the developers will extend the capabilities of Bitmoji. Users will be able to choose from a larger number of comical images and also appears a kind of “storis”, allowing to become the main characters drawn comic book. The developer also will allow users to transfer image on t-shirts, provided for this special section inside the app store.

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