Snowbirds strongly denounced and expelled from two supermarkets in Saint-Felicien

The return of the snowbirds to their homes is very closely followed by citizens who have already complied for several days with the government measures suggested and imposed. Jeannois of return to the country tried, Wednesday, to enter, without success, in two supermarkets of Saint-Félicien. The behavior of these people who must comply with a mandatory quarantine has been widely reported on social networks.
A efore having to turn around at the IGA Market and Lamontagne daughter, an individual’s return to Canada tried to shop in another trade. The attempt to shop at Metro Boutin also proved to be unsuccessful.

The presence of a huge motorized vehicle in front of the IGA Lamontagne Market and girl did not go unnoticed at the end of the day on Wednesday. Management wanted to rectify the facts in the evening.

“We had a visit from a snowbird from the United States. The individual in question wanted to do his shopping, but we were able to intercept him quickly thanks to the collaboration of Métro D. Boutin. […] Unfortunately, too many unconscious people do not take seriously the recommendations of our Legault government and put the lives of the personnel of essential services in danger, but also, the life of a whole population “, one reads in a Facebook trade publication.

The company took advantage of the publication to remind the measures implemented in the trade as well as the possibilities of ordering online, by email and by phone.

The publication did not go unnoticed, when more than 3,500 people shared it within a few hours.

The snowbird hunt didn’t stop there. In addition to publications denouncing their presence in Saint-Félicien supermarkets, others denounced them in the Dolbeau-Mistassini sector.

The Government of Canada is now ordering mandatory quarantine for anyone returning from travel, regardless of country. Failure to comply with the Quarantine Act can result in a fine of up to $ 750,000 and up to six months in prison.

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