“Solaris” for 320 thousand: the Expert warned about the picker of the Scam

The expert revealed the deception of the picker vehicles.

«Солярис» за 320 тысяч: Эксперт предупредил о подборщиках-аферистах

Often the scammers disguised as avtomodelistov, offer buyers second-hand cars of poor quality. The expert warned about the picker of the Scam for example, the purchase of the Korean sedan Hyundai Solaris. The car was sold at a price of 320 thousand rubles.

First of all, the blogger drew attention to the roof which has dents and traces of puttying, indicating that it falls off. This may indicate that the vehicle overturned several times. Further drew attention to the paintwork, which you can see the dust, sand and drips of paint that speaks poorly applied paintwork.

Upon entering the salon bought “Solaris” the expert noted thresholds, which are not covered with varnish. There are also traces of drips of paint. Door black sedan was the doors from the red car and the hood was white before.

Cracked rear lights stood unevenly due to the deformation of the body and under the tail lamp turned out to be an uneven surface. The Luggage compartment has a system of noise reduction, which again indicates that sold Hyundai Solaris makes a terrible sound.

«Солярис» за 320 тысяч: Эксперт предупредил о подборщиках-аферистах

Finally, the blogger noted that sold atopognosia client Hyundai Solaris over 320 000 is avtohlama. To avoid fraud, the blogger advises to sign the contract, so that later you can solve the problem with sold car of poor quality.

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